We need a Canteen Manager

If you are interested in helping the club by operating the canteen that is heralded as the best out of all of the diamond sport clubs in WA for qaulity and price then please let us know. We need a new canteen manager for the 2017/18 season.

There are some key positions still vacant, please contact us if you or someone you know could fill these roles:

Teeball VP
Canteen Manager
Sponsorship Coordinator
Teeball Uniform Coordinator
Player Development Coordinator
Grants Coordinator
Publicity Officer and
TBAWA Representative

Contact Us

Please direct all general correspondence to:
The Secretary
Kalamunda Rangers Inc.
PO Box 2158
Alternatively please send your enquiry via the link below and our Club representative will contact you as soon as possible.
Committee Details

Executive Committee

Travis Wright
0400 166 370
Vice-President Teeball
Scott Chambers
0431 911 424
Vice-President Softball
Jeni Work
0412 038 462
Vice-President Baseball     
Brody Clarkson (Acting)
Mary Tyack
0401 070 318
Secretary / Shire Liason
Annaliese Arndt
0416 199 571
Registrar Teeball
Kristie Davey
0411 614 132
Registrar Softball
Sandra Devine0409 070 480
Registrar Baseball
Katie Lozenicins

General Committee

Canteen Manager   
Bar Manager
Clem Pollard   
0416 199 571
Merchandise Officers
  1. Adam Byett
  2. Connor Kemp
  1.   0487 288 947
  2.   0430 600 803
Website Editor     
Gary Wright
9293 4509
Newsletter Editor
Kayte Kalyniuk
0401 307 670
Publicity Officer
Safety OfficerAdam Sidebottom
Fundraising Coordinator
Paige Miller
Sponsorship Coordinator
Grants Coordinator
Trophy Coordinator
Sharna Trigg
0430 477 191
Photograph Coordinator
Yvonne Wilding0417 751 110
Events CoordinatorPaige Miller
For the contact list of the sport sub committees, then click the following links: