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are you ?

 a super human that needs no down time

has faster computational speeds than the latest super computer

lives, breathes only Baseball, Softball, Teeball

likes to be on call 24/7 for 6 months of the year

is the calmest kitten at all times of stress

has political skills exceeding the best politician

Then we would like you to consider a position on our Club Committee

All positions available at the next AGM Monday 8th May 2017

The President does not have to fit all the criteria above if, there were more people willing to fill the many positions available.

All hands on deck. Clean up day Sunday 2nd April.

The saying is, many hands make light work, so we are looking for people to help out on the cleanup day before handover day.

Please don't leave it up to the usual few.

C2 Grade Softball Team into finals

C2 Grade Softball (Minor Premiers) - Grand Final game being played at 1pm Hossock Reserve, diamond 5

End of season presentation days are fast approaching

Adults Baseball and Softball - 1 April 2017 - 7pm

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Life Members

Members of the Club who have rendered outstanding meritorious service, for a period of four (4) years to the Club, may on recommendation, be elected as a Life Member at the AGM.  

Our Life Members are:


Sharon GilgallonCharles HodderMurray Burton (dec)
Graham Mews (dec)Ron FoleyAnn Parsons
Angela RoperMax Dale (dec)Steve Willis
Carmel WillisAnne SimmsJudy LeBlanc
Cheryl KampenCheryl Bamford (dec)Steve Bamford
Maurice SymmansLinda MorrisBill Morris (dec)
Jackie DyceLorna TielandRay Scott
Allan LindsayKerry MitchellSteve Clarkson
Fiona ClarksonKelly CarneGlenn Carne
Andrew MaherToylan WrightAnnaliese Arndt
Mira SatieClem Pollard