Baseball Coaching Clinics

Baseball WA run a variety of Coaching Clinics to suit the needs of its members, including Level 0 and Level 1 sessions.  Please contact the Head Coach to confirm your place at any of these Clinics.

Level 0 Coaching Course

Level “O” coaches courses are designed for first time and inexperienced junior coaches. have never coached before and are looking to help out their clubs in other ways are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Coaches will be taught basic fundamentals of pitching, catching, infield, outfield, and hitting. Basic coaching strategies/effective practice drills will Baseball Players who also be taught at this clinic to help enhance the overall experience.
Cost:  $25.00

Level 1 Coaching Course

This Course is designed for coaches intending to move up in ranks and are a great experience for Little League Coaches, Under 15's, 17's, and 19's.  This course is also required to coach at the 15,17, and 19-1's level as well as state teams.

The Course is run over 2 sessions.  Both sessions are mandatory and makeup sessions will be held at later dates for coaches who miss part of the clinics.

Handbooks are also included.  All coaches are required to bring a pen, notebook, athletic wear, any size bat and their baseball gloves.  This clinic is essentially a camp and coaches will be participating in drills to help them understand the concepts of teaching and placement of players. Prepare to get dirty!  The course content includes:

  • Stretching/warmup
  • Hitting fundamentals and bunting
  • Offensive strategies (open forum)
  • Defence drills for infield/outfield/team
  • Pitching
  • Catching
  • Baserunning
  • Coaching strategiesd (open forum)

 Cost:  $80.00