Player Pitch Little League (Under 13's)

Player Pitch Little League (Under 13's)  is the next step up from Machine Pitch, into Baseball.

Player Pitch Little League (Under 13's) is the first competitive League for players (girls and boys), who are aged 12 and under at the 1st May (as it is an under 13's competition).   It is not necessary for players to have played Teeball, Rookie Ball or Machine Pitch to play Little League Baseball, as the rules of Little League are still modified from those of full Baseball.   As the age groups for Little League and Teeball overlap in our Club, players are permitted to participate in both Teeball and Little League (with a substantial reduction in Registration Fees).   For further information on playing these two sports, please complete the ’Contact Us’ page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As in RookieBall and Machine Pitch, catchers are ’suited up’ with full protection to play the position.  In Machine Pitch, the ball is pitched by a machine that is operated by the Umpire while in Little League the players start to pitch.  All games are played on a Baseball diamond that is similar in size to the Teeball diamond (18.29 m).   Both versions introduce the players to some more Baseball rules such as Umpires calling Balls and Strikes, as well as awarding a Base on Balls after 4 balls are pitched out side of the strike zone.   In Little League players also have the opportunity to steal bases, after the ball has crossed the plate, or is hit by the batter. 

Kalamunda Rangers field teams in the Southern HIlls Charter competition which play in a home and away season on Wednesday nights.  The  Southern Hills Charter competition is made up of Gosnells, AK Strikers and Roleystone.

In addition, all Player Pitch Little League (Under 13's) have the chance to try out for the Southern Hills Charter teams.  There are two teams selected from players from throughout the Southern Hills Charter area.  One team is selected as Division 1 and the second team is Under 12's Development.  Tryouts are usually held in late November and the teams play at the Little League State Championships held every Easter. 

To qualify for Little League State Champs, players must play a minimum of 60% of all games during the season.

Fixtures and Results

The rules for Little League is available through the following link: Baseball Rules


Once again, Player Pitch Little League (Under 13's) requires the commitment by both players and Parents.   Players will be required to train for one afternoon through the week for approximately 1½ - 2 hours.   The game itself will last 1½ hours.   Little League is a ’Home and Away’ competition which involves travelling to other grounds to play, as well as playing at Maida Vale.   Parental help may be required to help transport players to these grounds.

As with Teeball and Rookis Ball, Parents are required to assist the team at training and at the games so that the team can run efficiently.   Position required (though not limited to) are Team Manager, Scorers, Umpires, Base Coaches as well as assisting in the Canteen at Home Games.  

Parent help is ESSENTIAL in order to help keep the costs of the player’s fees down.

As well as offering games in the District (Charter) competition, players have the opportunity to continue on to represent both the State and Australia in the ’Little League’ World Championships which are held each year.