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Lightning Carnival

Lightning Carnivals are great fun. Kalamunda Rangers recognises that not all our players will have the opportunity to play at Interdistrict carnivals and we would like to provide the oportunities for all our players to experience the enjoyment and challenge of participating in a Lightning Carnival event.

Kalamunda Rangers provide two such opportunities - an in-house carnival and/or an inter-club carnival.

In-House Lightning Carnival

As we do not play for ‘championship’ trophies throughout the season, this Carnival also provides opportunity for those players with the desire, to find out ‘who won’.

This is expected to be an enjoyable day for the whole family and other activities will be provided to our members between games.

  1. No line up at homeplate prior to the game starting. All teams should be in position 2 mins before the schedule start of play with home team fielding, away team ready to bat. All players in position so at the siren you start straight away

  2. Hurry up rule for innings changeovers - 1 min max to change innings so we can maximise game time as these are shortened games this weekend.

  3. All games finish on the siren, no exceptions. We dont play equal innings in lightning carnival we play to time only and revert back to equal innings if we need too.

  4. A siren will be used inform the start and end of each game. This will not include the U10s which are playing to a slightly altered time schedule on MV1 and MV2 near the canteen.

  5. Presentation will be at 1pm between MV1 and MV4.

  6. Under 6s only play one game as per normal weekend. This weekend this is a shorter 45 min game.

  7. Canteen will be open as normal so please see fixtures attachment to see when you might be rostered on.

  8. Game rules are the same as Saturday morning games. All Local Club Rules and Codes of Conduct also apply at these games. No player shall occupy the same fielding position in the same game unless replacing an injured player. The same batting line up cannot be used from one game to the next; batters should be rotated through the batting line up.

  9. Bases and shelters shall be set up by the team named first in the earliest game of the day; bases and shelters shall be packed up and left at home plate by the team named first for the final game of the day.  Shelters shall be provided at the Carnival as per Saturday games, however ther is only limited natural shelter available. Teams are encouraged to provide their own additional shelter for players inbetween games. Remember: slip, slop, slap, sip.

  10. All teams having a bye will be rostered on to help out in the Canteen, BBQ and other activities.

  11. The team listed first (home team) sits on first bag line and will field first, the away team sits on third bag line and will bat first. This is to avoid any delays in starting the games in working out who is going where.

  12. Only the team Coach may address the Umpire. Only the Team Coach can ask for ‘Time’ and that can only be when a player is injured or a player’s or spectator’s safety is at risk. ‘Official’ or ‘Umpire’ shirts must not be worn when coaching a team.

  13. Spectators are asked to remember the Four Fs of Teeball – Fun, Fair Play, Fundamental Skills and Family Involvement. Please note: This is a smoke and alcohol free carnival.

  14. All games should be scored in back pages of the team’s Scorebook. Final scores revert back to last completed innings.

  15. Please ensure ALL your score slips are completed – front and back – and returned to the Score Slips box located near the Canteen as soon as your game finishes. All games go towards the players’ personal game counts.

  16. The winning team for each group will be calculated on the number of wins and, if necessary, percentage.

TBAWA Yokine Carnival

The TBAWA Yokine Lightning carnival provides the opportunity for our regular Saturday teams to play against teams from other clubs. Games are played on the last Sunday in November in Yokine (cnr of Wordsworth Avenuue & Alexander Drive) with 5 games of 30 minutes duration. All registration costs are covered by the Club.  

We understand that not all players from your team can attend so there is the opportunity for us to provide "fill-in" players from one other team if needed.

This is a great opportunity to see how you would fare in an open competition.

We are required to have at least one team attend the Yokine carnival to enable our club to participate in the State Championships competition in March.  Please let our State Championships Coordinator know if your your team would like to participate.  Nominations close in the last week of October.