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Teeball Coaching Clinics

The Teeball Association of WA (TBAWA) run regular Coaching Clinics througout the metropolitan area for Level A and Level 1 Coaching Accreditation.

Coaches wanting to attend a Coaching Clinic should contact the Club's Coaching Coordinator to reserve their place.  Coaching Clinic Dates for the upcoming season can be found on the TBAWA Website.

Level A Coach
This is the minimum requirement for Coaches at TBAWA State Championships Carnival. The Course covers:
  • An overview of the role and responsibilities of a coach.
  • New coaches will be shown the correct way to teach required skills and techniques necessary for the game of tee-ball.
  • New coaches learn the basics of tee-ball which will assist in the continuity of teaching methods between clubs particularly in interclub competitions.  Specifically you will learn:
    • How to throw correctly so as to avoid injury to the player’s arm.
    • Catching skills and all aspects of fieldwork.
    • How to bat correctly i.e. directional batting.
    • Sliding and base running will also be covered in this clinic.
    • Diamond drills (there are 8 basic diamond drills, which can be used at training).
    • Rotation of your teams on the field and in the batting line up.
  • The clinic also covers teaching players to play as a team and not just as an individual.
  • How to approach an umpire in a game situation.
All coaches doing the “A” Level Clinic will receive the “Coaching Manual Diamond Drills,”Coaching Manual Skills & Techniques” and “How to Play Tee-Ball.”, T.B.A.W.A. Rule Book & Intentions and Interpretations Rule Book
The clinic runs for approximately 6 hours which consists of 4 hours on the field and hands-on drills as well as 2 hours lecture and question time.

Level 1 Coach

The participant must have held a TBAWA Level A Coaching accreditation for no less than one (1) teeball season and must have a minumum TBAWA Level 2 Umpiring acreditation to complete the course.  In addition participants must also:

  • Complete the Beginning Coaching General Principals course through the Department of Sport and Recreation.  This course can be completed either 1:1 or on-line. 
  • AND
  • Complete and pass clinics run by TBAWA and involving 2 x 4 hour clinics in which you wil be ruired to present at 15-20 minute lecutre on a provided Teeball topic as well as completing some diamond drills in the field; OR
  • Attend at least two (2) Level A Clinics in which you will required to run diamond drills and a 15-20 minute lecture on a Teeball topic.