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Teeball Rules

All games played at Kalamunda Rangers follow the Official Teeball Rules (this is edition 4 and maybe out of date) as defined by TBAWA unless otherwise stated in The Kalamunda Rangers Bylaws

The latest Rule Books can be ordered through the Club or  from the TBAWA website at a nominal cost.  

The Umpires Manual, including the Official Rules with Interpretations, Intentions and Definitions is also available through the Club at a cost of $10.00 or downloaded from the TBAWA Website. 

Our Club also has a set of Local Club Rules which are designed to maximise player enjoyment and safety. 

Want to test your knowledge of the rules?  Take the TBAWA on-line Quiz.

Each year our Chief Umpire receives many questions on Teeball rules and interpretations.  Interestingly many of the questions are the same and often occur when a Coach has queried an Umpire's decision.  To avoid many of these misunderstandings we have put together these FAQ&As for our Teeball Umpires and Coaches to refer to.

We also suggest that Umpires and Coaches find the time to have a very quick chat before the game to determine the Umpires' definition of any 'controvercial' rules or training requirements so there is no confusion during the game.