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Teeball is a fun game played by children around the world. It is the entry sport to Baseball and Softball for both girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 12 (Kindy to Year 7)

Teeball is an action game that combines fun and teamwork whilst using modified rules of Baseball and Softball. Notably, the game replaces a regular Pitcher with a Batting Tee and is played on a smaller diamond. The use of the Batting Tee allows children to participate without the fear of being hit by a pitched ball.

Teeball develops the primary Baseball and Softball skills of hitting, running, fielding, catching and throwing. The players gain an understanding of the fundamental rules and skills which will prepare them for the more competative leagues of Baseball and Softball when they are older.

In a game, members of two teams take turns at batting off an adjustable Tee set on Home Plate. Batters hit the ball and try to get on base and advance around the diamond to ’Home Plate’ in order to score a run for their team, whilst Fielders try to prevent runs being scored by getting Batters out.   In each innings the Batting team may bat a maximum of 9 Batters and the fielding team places 9 players out on the diamond, although teams may have up to 12 players who all play on a rotational basis. The team that scores the most runs is deemed the winner of the game. 

Of note, in our younger age  competitions, Umpires do not announce the score of the game to the teams up until Christmas so as to shift the focus of the game from that of winning to one of fun and participation. In all older divisions, the Umpire will announce the score to the teams at the end of the game.