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The Teeball season runs from October to March, with a break over the Christmas period. The regular teeball season finishes in March.  

Age group competitions are determined each year depending on registration numbers in each age group.  Due to popular demand, Kalamunda Rangers define their age groupings in line with the school year (30 June).  During the 2018-2019 Season Kalamunda Rangers are anticipate running

Teeball Commitments

As in all sports, there is a commitment required by both players and Parents.   Players will be required to attend training session one afternoon through the week which will be for approximately 1 - 1½ hours (excluding our subjunior division).   The game itself lasts one hour on a Saturday morning and are all played at Maida Vale Reserve.   Parent help is required at both training and the games so that the teams can run efficiently.   Typically one Parent will be the Coach, another will be the Team Manager and other Parents will help with Scoring, Umpiring and Base Coaching.   In addition to helping out in your child’s team, throughout the Season your child’s team will also be required to fill one Diamond Marking roster, and one Canteen roster to help the Club out and to keep the fees as low as possible.

Season Activities

Lightning carnivals are great fun and our players love participating in them.  This opportunity is not generally available to all Saturday club teams but here at Kalamunda Rangers we make this part of our program.  One Saturday in November we arrange a Lightning Carnival for our three older divisions (subjuniors play one normal Saturday game).    

Twilight Games are held two or three times per season, usually on a Friday night (Thursday before Christmas).  Players and families can order pizza in (we arrange a bulk order and delivery) and then sit on our main diamond and watch a family movie.  

Rookieball (aka Machine Pitch) is run in the last two to three weeks of the season for our Intermediate and Senior divisions.  This is an opportunity for players to learn the next step in diamond sports - hitting a moving ball.  The Catcher also takes on a more traditional role.  

End of Season

At Kalmunda Rangers, all children who play are awarded a participation trophy at the end of the Season.   ’Premiership Ladders’ are not kept at Kalamunda Rangers, instead, at the end of the Season we award ’Endeavour Awards’ to one team in each age division.   Team Coaches will place their votes for the Teams they enjoyed playing against the most and who fostered the four F’s of Teeball: Fun, Fair Play, Fundamental Skils and Family Involvement.

Presentation Day  Remember to mark your diary or day planner for this event.

Teeball Diamond lay out below.