Officials are an essential part of sport - we wouldn’t be able to play without them.  They make sure we all play by the rules and that the game is safe.

Kalamunda Rangers supports our Officials through ongoing training, support and mentoring.

The Green Shirt Program developed by the Department of Sport and Recreation aims to reduce the incidence of abuse and harassment directed towards inexperienced officials by:

  • making new officials easily identifiable, so that they are easy to recognise and support;
  • raising awareness and increasing recognition and support for new officials;
  • reducing pressure and lessening abuse and conflict directed towards new officials; and
  • creating a culture of support for new officials through the education of players, coaches and spectators.

Kalamunda Rangers supports this Program and has a ’no tolerance’ approach to abuse or harrasment of any Official.


Umpires are an important component of sport.  A good umpire has a knowledge of the rules, can make quick decisions and can explain and defend their decisions where necessary, as well as having an ability to keep the game moving.  To assist them in this task, Umpiring clinics are conducted regularly throughout the pre-season and playing season.  Information on the upcoming training sessions available for each of our sports can be found at the links below. 



Scoring is not just keeping a record of who won what game. Scorers are officials of the game too and provide backup for the Coaches and Umpires by recording a play-by-play record of the game. And it’s not that difficult to do. Scoring Clinics are run for both Softball and Baseball, while Teeball Scoring Clinics are run in-house.

Scorers provide a vital service to the game. Not only to they tell us who won but they help Coaches and Umpires keep track of the game including recording play-by-play action, timekeeping, player statistics and training requirements to name just a few.

For most people their introduction to scoring is turning up to watch their child play and having a scorebook thrust into their hands with the comments along the lines of "We need a scorer, thank you for volunteering". Scoring is not that difficult and the key is to start slow and build up from there.

Information on scoring each sport can be found on the links below. 


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