Where the whole family can play!


We would like to recognise and thank all our volunteers because, without them, our club would not be able to provide all the services we do.  So from us to you:


Having a club that represents all three diamond sports requires a lot of people to organise things - weekly things, one-off things, things for the whole club, and things for a single team.  Some take a lot of work, others not so much.

However if it’s left for one or two people, things can soon become overwhelming and things get missed - which means our members (that would be you) miss out.  Many of the roles in our club are not large and only take a few hours each season to complete, or can be accommodated in a 'job-share" arrangement.  Please consider helping out so we can continue to provide the family-friendly and fun opportunity to play Teeball, Baseball and Softball at Kalamunda.

And sharing the load benefits everyone, not just our club.  Volunteering helps you connect and feel part of a community, learn new skills, or teach new skills, to grow, to make an impact on someone’s life.

So what would you like to learn?  Or teach?  Or do?